What Is Tillandsia Plant?


Tillandsia is a family of Bromeliaceous, or plant family of hundreds of perennial green plants, originally from the forest, there are also in the mountains and in the Central and South America desert, as well as the southern part of the United States as well as in the West part of Indies. This plant naturally grows in various types of natural environments, for example, tropical rainforests in the equator, in high mountain areas such as the Andes mountains, rocky areas, and also swamp areas. This species is a species that grows at the top of the tree limbs. In this genus, the plant is commonly known under the name air plants.

Know About Tillandsia In General

Epiphytes are plants that can grow in the absence of soil media, and they grow by sticking with other plants, and the majority of Tillandsia or so-called air plants is a species belonging to that plant species. And for other types categorized as aerial plants or better known as aerophytes plants, these plants have no roots, and in its growth, this plant utilizes a shift in the desert as a way to grow.

In general, in the rainy areas, there will be more varieties of tillandsia that have thin leaves, while for the varieties that have thicker leaves are more common in areas that are drier or more frequent droughts than rain. Many of the ways in which these species absorb nutrients and obtain moisture, such as are obtained by leaves through rain, in addition to rain can also be obtained through dew, through dust, leaf decay and also obtained through the help of insects that surround or lie on it, the structure which helps the process in the trichomegaly structure. That’s some simple information about perennial greenery. I hope this information will help you to broaden your information and knowledge about plants.

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