User Manual Device; Photograph With Yi


User manual deviceYi Action Camera becomes a favorite camera for those who love to capture their moments. Of course, Yi which comes from Xiaomi has a very high quality of picture and also videos. So, you might also want to make sure that you know the user manual device to guide you to use the camera. Actually, the user manual is something important since it will help you to know about many things related to the user of your camera. So, are you curious about the features of Yi Action camera? For more information about the feature of this camera, you can read the following paragraphs.

User Manual Device With Yi Action Camera

Yi Action camera is a little bit different with the other camera in common. Yes, a camera for photograph usually has a big size or normal size as a camera. Yet, Yi Action camera is quite small and it does not have any display screen on it. So, the camera only has lens to capture. Then, what should you do to see the display of the pictures that you take? That kind of important thing can be read in the user manual device of Yi Action camera itself. That is the reason why reading user manual is important for you.

Actually, you can see the preview or the display of your taken pictures from your phone. Of course, that should be a smartphone and better to use a smartphone from Xiaomi. You can see the display of the pictures from your smartphone screen and you can manage the pictures there. Besides that, Yi Action camera is also supported with Bluetooth device that will make you easier in transferring the pictures or videos from your camera to the other device. For more detail information, you can read the user manual of Yi Action camera in That is all the information for you about Yi Action Camera.

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