Types Of Home Health Care


Health careHome health care is a system of health care that is applied to the patients that stay in the home. By taking the home health care, it has purposes that the patients will get over from their sickness as soon as possible, without needing to be hospitalized. In another word, it can be said that home health care is taking care the patients in their home but using the medical standard of caring a sick person. In managing home health care, the medical team usually has two kinds of home health care. What are the two types of home health care? Do you want to know about it?

Two Types Of Home Health Care

The first type of home health care is skilled home health services. This kind of service is usually applied for the patients so the service deals with the medicine and many things else. It also deals with the scars treatment, injection, physical therapy, taking care of serious illness and many things else. It also contains about taking care of some kinds of therapy when it feels needed for the patient. So, skilled home health service is a typo of home health care service that still has high relation with the medicine and scars.

Meanwhile, the second type of home health care is skilled home health aide. This type will more concern about everyday activity in a house for the patient that need it. For the example, the service will provide the patients in helping them to go out and go in their bedroom. Besides that, it also includes the service of helping the housekeeping, laundry, preparing the food and many things for the patients. Actually, both of the home health care services are different but still give a good support for the patient and also your family to taking care of the patients.

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