Tips to Have a Good Sleep


As you know, sleep is an important thing to do. Every human should sleep at least 6 hours per day. So, when you have trouble sleeping, it will affect your health. Your crazy schedule makes you sleep less. And then, you make up for that on the weekends. It’s not a wise thing to do. There is no use in catching up some sleep on the weekend. This method will work if you already have a good sleeping habit and a crazy week. So, what to do when you have trouble sleeping?

How to have a Good Night’s Rest

Since we live in a modern era where smartphone and computer exist, many people always play their smartphone and computer before bedtime. In fact, this is not recommended. The screen from those gadget displays light that stimulates us to stay awake. You need to put your gadgets whenever bedtime. If you want to do something before sleep, you can read a book with a lamp which doesn’t shine your eyes directly. You have to read something light too, not books such as history, politic, etc.

Besides no gadgets, no heavy exercise before bedtime too. Heavy exercise will heat up your body. The temperature will be higher and it will lead you to stay awake during the night. If you want to exercise before bedtime, just do some light stretching. After exercise, you need to take a hot bath. Although your temperature is higher during exercise and bathing, it will go down when you finished your bath. A hot bath will help you relaxes. Especially if you add some drops of aromatherapy. Finally, a sleep schedule regularly. This might be hard but you need to try this. Some people have their own alarm, maybe you have too. You will get up at a certain time. Don’t take naps although you are tired. This will make you sleep better at night.

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