Things about Work That Damage Health


Health lifeIt is no secret that working too hard is not good for our health. When you are working so hard, there is always the possibility that you forget to take a rest and your eating habit may be messed up as well. Well, you may have a deadline that makes you work hard so that you do not hand in your work on time. Now that we are talking about work, there are actually some things that you may do when you are working which are able to damage your health.

Things about Work That Damage Your Health

First of all, sitting too much is able to make some parts of our body get ache. It may get worse when we do not anticipate it. If you are working while sitting in front of the computer, you must be careful with your habit. There is a possibility that you may get the problem on your back and neck when you are sitting too much. At this point, you need to do some exercises that are possible to do when you are working on the chair. For example, you can stretch your body once in a while so that your body does not get too stiff because you take so much time to sit.

Next, a tool that is full of dust is able to make your respiratory system disturbed. When you are working with your tool even computer or laptop which you always keep on the cabinet, the tool may get dusty. At this point, you must make sure to keep it clean if you do not want to get the problem on your respiratory system. Afterwards, being too long in a room with air conditioner is able to make you get dehydration. If you are working in a room with AC, you can take your rest time to go out from the room and breathe the fresh air outside.

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