Take More Yogurt And Be Healthy


Health lifeYogurt is not a food that we have just known today. In fact, it has been something that is consumed from years before. It is popular for its nutrients which can be very healthy for us. However, do you know what is exactly given by yogurt to our body? One of the popular ones is that yogurt can eliminate the risk level of heart disease. To help you know more, here are some health benefits of yogurt that makes this food a good choice to achieve such healthy living.

How Eat More Yogurt Can Help You Stay Healthy

Eating more yogurts can help you to stay healthy by providing you lots of essential nutrients. As explained before, yogurt is well-known for its nutrients. For your information, a cup of yogurt is able to fulfill our daily need of calcium by 49 percent. Moreover, it also offers vitamin B especially the B12 one and also riboflavin. Both of these compounds are excellent to protect our body against heart problems. Then, yogurt also offers magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium which are significant minerals for our biological processes like blood pressure regulation, bone health, and metabolism.

Additionally, yogurt helps our body to stay healthy by providing high protein as well. Our body needs protein in order to make metabolism. In this case, yogurt can give our body high protein which is about 12 grams for every seven ounces. By this fact, yogurt also has the ability to control our weight as well. Furthermore, yogurt can also benefit our digestion. Some varieties of this food have this kind of benefit especially those which have probiotics. Another health benefit that you can expect from yogurt is its ability to strengthen our immunity. It is also the result of its probiotics. That’s how to eat more yogurt can help you to stay healthy.

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