Purple Flowers; Lavender


purple flowersIn this world, there are so many species of purple flowers with beautiful looks. One of the most famous flowers with purple color is lavender. Lavender is well known as a beautiful and very useful flower. The fragrance is very sweet and soothing. The use of this lavender comes from many parts of this flower, which show that this flower has many benefits for daily life. For you who fall in love with lavender and curious about the function of this beautiful flower, please read the following passage for more information about lavender.

Purple Flowers; Lavender Function

As one of the most famous purple flowers in the world, lavender not merely serves the world with its beautiful looks. You have to know that this beautiful flower has many benefits for the people that use it. The first, you might often hear about lavender as the aromatherapy fragrance. It becomes the first benefit people can get from lavender. It can bring the calm when people use the fragrance of the lavender around them. So, this is something good from lavender itself. Then, there are still the other benefits from lavender which comes from its fragrance; it can give you the protection from any mosquitoes.

Then, the other benefit also comes from this beautiful flower, especially from the use of the lavender oil. Lavender oil can be used for many problems. First, it can help you to recover your minor burn scars. You only have to use about 2 until 3 drops of lavender oil and apply it in your minor burn. Then, it also can help you to solve the problem of bleeding. The using of lavender oil can help you to stop the bleeding and also to clean the wound. Besides that, it also can kill the bacteria. So, what do you think about lavender-purple flowers?

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