Longer Live With One Lung


one lungPeople still want to live longer although the live with one lung. They have one lung only because they have removed one of their lungs. It is a must for them to remove the lung because you do not want your broken lung will be spread all over the lung and the body. You also still have good lung condition while on the other side your lung damage because you always do smoking every day, you have a bad habit that affected your lung, and so forth.

Do Treatment If You Live With One Lung

There is lung in your body because it is used in your respiration process. Without lung, of course, you will die because you need lung to breathe the oxygen that is needed by your body and it will produce carbon dioxide produced by the lungs too. You still can breathe and have that process although it seems your lung does not work well. It means that you can live with one lung only and still can breathe as before. If you do not like to remove your lung, you can try to have a healthy life and you must avoid many things that will cause the lung disease such as lung cancer. However, if it seems too hard to do that, if you are infected with lung disease, you make sure that you still in early stage of the disease so the treatment is easier rather than if you have dangerous stage of your lung disease.

Furthermore, the more you are aged; you cannot avoid the fate if you get lung disease. If it happens, you have to plan well your lung disease treatment because the treatment will not make the lung disease become worse. You must set your goal for not to get a bad disease such as lung cancer. So, in your life, healthy is a must. You must have a healthy lifestyle as long as you consume healthy food, drink, and sport because you can longer to live with one lung.

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