Tomatoes For Health And Beauty Treatment


health and beautyTreating your health and beauty in a simple way of using simple material is easy to find. Especially for a facial treatment, which is mostly the part of the body to be concerned on this matter. Using vegetable or fruit is one of the easy ways instead of coming to treatment place and you would cost a lot. You can open your icebox and find a tomato to be used for face treatment at home. This fruit is easy to get cause often used for cooking. Many advantages would be obtained without much of money is needed. Anytime and anywhere at your house, you can apply it freely.

What Are The Advantages Of Tomatoes?

Many beneficial goods you can obtain for health and beauty from a tomato that contains high vitamin A and C, in which is an excellent antioxidant to treat facial skin. To get the benefits, try to make a cleanser of tomatoes. If it is routinely used, it will make the face look bright and shrink the pores when applied directly. Using as masker also helps you for minimizing wrinkles mostly appearing on the area around eyes. Meanwhile, tomato also has antiseptic matter inside. If you combine with avocado that contains moisturizers, the combination between will help you in cleansing and moisturize your facial skin, besides it is to overcome dull skin.

Applying what to be got from tomatoes benefit is quite easy to get from You can apply it by making masker. The way is, for example, using your home tools like a blender. Blend the tomato till it is soft. After that apply on the face evenly and let stand for 15 minutes. Lift and rinse using clean water to get the maximum results. Do facial care at least twice a week. Otherwise, you can as well the simplest way like making juice or eating the tomato directly yet after you clean it by water for hygiene.

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