What Is Clash Royale Chest Cycle?


clash royale chestDid you know that chest you receive after winning duels isn’t completely random? There is Clash Royale Chest cycle. What is chest cycle? Chest cycle is a fixed cycle of the chest you will get from the duel. There are total 240 chests in the cycle. The cycle starts from the first chest you get from training camp until 240th chest you got from the duel, and then the cycle will restart again. During this cycle, you will receive a fixed amount of silver chest, golden chest, magical chest, giant chest and legendary chest. So, don’t worry if you don’t have any legendary card. If you keep on winning chest from the duel, you will receive legendary chest soon.

Why Is A Developer Using Clash Royale Chest Cycle System?

The developer intends to make sure every Clash Royale player can receive a legendary card. As we know that legendary card is the rarest card in Clash Royale, and of course, they are really powerful. All of the legendary cards are unique and always useful. That’s why all of Clash Royale player always want a legendary chest to get one of the legendary cards. The developer knows this, and they are designing a chest cycle to make sure everyone will get a legendary card. The legendary chest will appear in one of 500 chest cycles. Clash Royale chest cycle is system is a fair system developed by Supercell to make sure their players are having fun.

Keeping track on chest cycle may be a problem. But there is a chest cycle tracker for you to keep track of your chest cycle. So, you can know your chest cycle, how many silver chests you got when you will receive the giant chest, and how many chests left to end your chest cycle. This is a handy tool if you want to keep a track of your Clash Royale chest cycle. If you want to know more about chest you get from battle, there is more information about chest cycle, cards, Clash Royale strategies and guide on the provided link.

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