What Is Android Nougat And Are The Features?


Android NougatAndroid is a great operating system which is usually embedded in small-powered computers such as a smartphone, smart watch, and many other electronics. Android has been around since 2008, and it has been developed since then. The first built has no codename, and it is followed by petit four, cupcake, donut, ├ęclair, Froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. If you think that last mentioned version is the most updated one, you are not entirely correct. The reason is that there is August 2017 update, and they are android nougat and Oreo. If you are wondering about the feature, you should read more our article.

Android Nougat with Its Features

The nougat is an updated version, and many smartphones still cannot run this operating system anyway. However, the development is rapid since then. Android Oreo was even released in August 2017 which actually means more development for better user experience. There are some features of android nougat that you should note. First of all, it is all about user interface. One main difference is that the nougat has sheets for notification which is the upgraded version of the lollipop. Moreover, you also can enjoy the group notification from the single app. It is one of the great features for controlling notification display.

In addition to the user interface feature, you also can receive a great doze power saving system. It has three steps of battery saving system ranging from such as disabling network activity except for some applications listed. The second layer in android nougat is the full doze feature which allows deeper hibernation when the screen is off for certain period of time. Lastly, the next layer for saving your phone is a new data saver mode. It keeps your data usage lower since it prevents leakage from background activity that requires a network connection.

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Latest Android Nougat Update


android nougatIn this modern era, you will find there are many technologies that spoil you while living your life. From there are many technologies, Smartphone is one that makes you crazy. It is like people cannot live without this gadget now. You know right to run the Smartphone you will need operation system. You can use Android which made by Google Inc. It has several versions but the latest one is called android nougat. There will be many android nougat update here. It will include the features added in this latest android version and much more. It is such interesting information for you to find out though, especially for you who always update with the technology.

What Does New Feature For Android Nougat Update?

Well, this nougat must be different with the previous version, but here you will find several features exist in nougat. Well, what are they? First, for the android nougat update, you will find new animation installer. You know right when you talk about the application installed with the package then now there is new animation you can see when you are installing it. Well, what you should know next? Of course, the next feature you will find in this nougat version. There are still many features, and here is one of them.

Well the second, you can find the group of notifications. If you have the update of android nougat then you will have the option in a setting group of notifications into one alert or it is called bundled notifications. Well, that is the new feature from android nougat update. This will be something new that you can try. You must get the update and enjoy several new features there. It will be easy and not that hard to use it. Even with the new version of android, you will find it easy in running all of the application.

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