Symptoms Of Moderate Alzheimer


Health tipsAlzheimer is one of the diseases that attacks the brain function of the sufferers. Although it is not too popular as cancer or heart diseases, it does not mean that it is not important to be understood. That is why for those who have not known about the disease, the first thing that must be understood is about how the disease can attack the sufferers. In this case, it will attack the brain cells and nerves so that the massive result is able to occur here.

Since Alzheimer attacks the brain, of course, there are many problems that can be faced by the sufferers here. It is caused by the brain is the important part of the body that gives orders to other body organs. It means that when it has been attacked the function of other organs can be in problems as well. Then, there are some stages of Alzheimer that are mild, medium and severe in which the severe is the worst condition of the disease. However, we will not talk about the severe Alzheimer but medium one. Here there are some symptoms of medium Alzheimer that you need to know.

  1. Hallucinations

To begin with, those who have been suffering this disease in the medium stage will get hallucinations. In this case, the sufferers will act as if they hear or maybe see something which is actually not there.

  1. Delusions

Besides hallucinations, delusions come to be another symptom of mild Alzheimer. Here the sufferers of this disease will believe something that is actually untrue.

  1. Repetitive behavior

Then repetitive behavior is the next symptoms. Here people who have medium Alzheimer will do the same things several times so that it is called as repetitive behavior.

  1. Sleep disorder

About the other medium Alzheimer symptoms are sleep disorder in which those who are the sufferers tend to get insomnia or another sleep disorder.

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