Super Makita 9403 Best Belt Sander


best belt sanderMakita 9403 the super sander that has the super electric motor that makes this belt sander so super. This best belt sander can produce about 11 amps on power. This makes the item is really great and good for professional workers. In fact, with this item on your hands, you can do many kinds of heavy duty sanding work. The only problem that you will have after you purchase this item is about the speed. Why? Because this item will only have one speed. This is real, unfortunately. So, yeah if you are wanted to make things so great, this belt sander will be considered as the best for you.

Best Belt Sander Makita 9403

The speed that this Makita 9403 has is about 1640fpm. Other things that make this tool are not the great choice for the amateurs is about the weight. Yes, the weight of this tool is really heavy and of course, this will be difficult for amateur workers. If you compared to another belt sander, this one will be really heavy but still, consider as the best belt sander. The weight of this belt sander will be at 13 lbs. Which really heavy and of course it sometimes will make you work extra hard.

But, the best thing about this Makita 9403 is about the noise. This can be pretty quiet when working. The maximum noise on this sander will be at 84 dB and of course, it’s quietly nice for the big heavy duty motor. The ergonomic design makes this thing can be really easy to handle. So, yeah if you are looking for the best belt sander and you are a professional worker, this one could be considering as the best choice for you to buy. But, for an amateur, you might think twice before you get your hands on this heavy-duty belt sander.

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