Skin Disease


Cleanliness is a very important factor in our lives. If we live in a dirty environment then we will be prone to disease, one of the diseases that we can get is a skin disease. Skin disease is a skin disorder caused by fungi, germs, parasites, viruses, and infections contained in the skin. Fungal diseases can live and breed in landfills and in garbage collection sites. Skin diseases can affect the whole or a particular body part. Materials containing nitrite contained in the waste when exposed or in direct contact may cause allergies and irritations. One of the skin diseases experienced by many people is infantigo.

What Is Infantigo?

Infantigo is a skin infection that characterized by the appearance of a red rash that makes the skin contain something like bubbles with water in it. The disease appears on the surface of the skin, but it is usually found in folds, such as the neck, the folds of the hands, the groin and sometimes also in the open area. including in the area around the face.

Infantigo usually appears with pain, pain when get pressed, itching and hot. Patients may complain of mild fever in the area around the infection that is formed. Especially in conditions of worsening infection. The shape of the rash is relatively different because it looks like a red rash with fluid content and a yellowish color on the middle side. Skin disease caused by bacteria in the form of blisters or scars open on the skin, which then causes the yellow or brown crust. infantigo is a highly contagious skin infection. Due to direct contact between the skin and newly used items, such as towels, clothes, or tableware that have been contaminated with bacteria. Other languages ​​infantigo or often called enfantago, infitigo, infintago, impetigo. Home remedies can also be an alternative. You may check

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