SAPS Learnerships Information


Correctional Services LearnershipIn this recent day, police are needed to make such a comfortable environment. That is why South Africa has SAPS Learnerships. It is actually an internship program that is held by the government. SAPS itself stands for South African Police Service in which the learnership has an aim to give the candidates the knowledge and practical training as a police. The recruitment of this program is opened each year in each province of South Africa. That is why when you want to join the program, of course, you are able to register in your province. Then for a further information is in the following paragraphs.

Information About SAPS Learnerships

Talking more about SAPS Learnerships, the program offers the training for 18 months. However, there is another offer called BPDLP or Basic Police Development Learning Program for 24 months. In this case, the candidates are able to choose which program that will be chosen. During the learning program, here there are some fields that will be learned and practiced by the candidates. What are they? Those are like The Canine Unit, Crime Prevention, Freeway Patrol, Road Policy and The Equestion Unit and by Law.

Of course, if you want to join this governmental program, there must be many requirements which have to be fulfilled. For the first one indeed you must be a citizen of South Africa. Then for the ages itself, it is between 18 to 35 years old. You also need to create CV or Curriculum Vitae which can describe your personality and achievement well. Moreover, it can be better to add the certificates. Indeed, there are many others requirements which must be prepared by all of the candidates of SAPS Learnerships. In short, the existence of this kind of program actually helps people in South Africa to help the government to create a good country.

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