Raise Your Adrenaline In Gianyar


While you are on a vacation in Gianyar, Bali, of course, many things you can do, such as a vacation to a tourist attractive places there or do water tourism activities. Then, it will also be very good to experience rafting Bali tour. Not only well-known with its some beautiful beaches, the island of Bali also is very famous for rafting sports in some good rivers in some places. In Gianyar region, there are some places which also usually are visited experience water sports like rafting. Well, here are the recommended places you can visit when you have your vacation there.

3 Best Places To Visit For Rafting Bali In Gianyar

So, one of the recommended places to visit for rafting Bali is Ayung River in Ubud district. We will be carried along the river flow for 12 kilometers long way with a strong rush of continuous stream flow and wet our bodies. The price for experiencing it here is about IDR 400.000 person. The second place is Pakerisan River in Tampaksiring. If you have ever heard of Tampaksiring Palace location, this river is the main river in that area. The atmosphere is very peaceful that no frenzied noise disturbing along 4.5 kilometers of the route. The price is IDR 275.000 per person. The last is Petanu River which is known to have very clear water because of its well-maintained guardedness by the local people.

Rafting becomes one of the most popular tours by tourists like in Bali. Because in addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, we can also boost our adrenaline. Therefore, a number of tourist attractions in Bali also provide tour packages for water sports, such as those in Gianyar area. If you need some information or want some other recommended places for rafting in other regions, you may click https://www.masonadventures.com to get more about rafting in Bali.

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