How to Prevent Chin Acne


Health careAcne is a common bad condition that most people around the world face it regularly. Especially for them who live in tropical weather, hot air and pollutions could make the appearance of acne is doubled. Basically, acne can occur for them who have excess sebum or natural oil on face. As for the function of sebum is to avoid the face from dehydration, the excess of producing will make the bacterial agents attack it as acne produced. However, the production of sebum is high in around T-zone. Forehead, nose, and chin are the main area where people can find acne in easy ways.

Chinese doctors in past stated that the presence of acne in chin area is correlated with the function of the intestine. Clear intestine will make the presence of chin acne can be reduced. It is such a reliable statement since to make the intestine healthy, people need to do detoxification process. They need to take healthy foods, drink mineral water, and take rest as the ways to remove toxic out of bodies. The modern doctors agree that these basic steps are required to make them having a good and healthy face.

Besides that, the presence of acne in chin area also has connectivity with strong fragrance they use in the lip balms. Even though they use lip balm around the lip area, the strong fragrance will vaporize and irritate the chin area easily. Therefore, people need to consider the cosmetic they use is suitable for their skin characteristics. Besides that, toothpaste and mouthwash that contain SLS also can make the acne grows. When people brush the teeth, the SLS also will vaporize and make irritation near the chin. Therefore, it is also advised when people meet this material on their daily products, they need to change the products that free from this material.

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