The Popular Seaweed In Japan Cuisine


Japan is a unique country with unique culture and food. The cuisine of Japan is the best one. You can find rich taste there. One of the most popular ones is ramen. Then, there is also seaweed which usually found as part of the menu in Japan. You can easily find any kind of seaweed in seaweed suppliers. There is also some different packaging that can be founded. There is fresh and dried seaweed. Moreover, there are also some different types of seaweed that can be consumed.

The Most Popular Seaweed In Japan

There are some types of seaweed which have been known well in Japan. What are they? Here is the most popular seaweed in Japan which can be easily found in seaweed suppliers:

  1. Nori

For the first most popular seaweed in Japan is nori. Actually, it is not only popular in Japan, nori has been known around the world well. It has green and dried look like a paper. Usually, you can find it for rolling a sushi. Although the color is green, nori is kind of red algae.


  1. Konbu

Konbu is one of the edible sea kelp. It contains the name. What is umami? Umame is kind of perfect flavor which is a glutamic acid. That is why the konbu becomes the main ingredients in the most menu in Japan. It is not only served as soup, but it also becomes the ingredients for another Japanese menu.


  1. Ao-Nori

Different from nori, aonori is mostly used as powdered or dried ingredients. You can find it usually sprinkled on takoyaki and yakisoba.


  1. Hijiki

Hijiki is kind of brown algae that contains vitamin B. It has been believed that hijiki can promote lustrous and healthy black hair.


  1. Wakame

Wakame which can be found in is kind of brown algae. It has succulent and tender texture.

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