Popular Pregnancy Tips to Make a Healthy Baby


As you know that our inherited genes play a major role in determining our baby’s personality and intelligence. Besides, the right and healthy lifestyle ensure those genes are well programmed in the womb. Of course, when you are getting to have a baby, you will do your best for doing everything for your baby. Here, we give you some secret tips for creating a healthy baby.

What to Do to Make Healthy Baby

The first thing you can do for your baby is your diet. Yup! Diet plays an important role to make everything works well. When you are pregnant, you are highly recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which are washed and well cooked. Eating well-cooked fish is also good especially oily fish which contains lots of omega-3, proteins, vitamins, etc. Omega-3 helps to well develop your baby’s brain development. Talk to you baby! It may sound weird but it works to stimulate your baby’s ability. Babies can hear from 16 – 27 weeks when brain and ear are connected in place. According to studies, newborns will respond to language that they hear in the womb.

Pregnant moms are allowed to have a small exercise in case you have a good health record. Exercise will produce good hormones cross the placenta and increase blood flow to your body including your womb. And, let’s your baby feel happy and develop well. The latest study proves that exercise during pregnancy can increase up to 40% neurons in baby’s hippocampus (the learning and memory part of the brain). Give your little one a sunshine. Vitamin D is important for the baby’s development. Vitamin D helps your baby’s bones and heart development. Do not skip to soak it up for 20 minutes a day.

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