How To Play Pokemon Showdown?


Pokemon ShowdownAs you know as general, playing the Pokemon showdown should be different with the Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go is the game that creates with the real-life theme, that asks some people to active playing the game and make interactive with other people. But, you just can play this game with yourself only without have the group with your friend. If you want to play the different game with the Pokemon game? When you want to know how to play the Pokemon with the showdown as the supporting and improvement system, just read this article until the end of this article. Let’s check this article out, guys!

Play The Pokemon Showdown

If you familiar with the battle game simulator for Pokemon online, you should know and familiar with Pokemon with Showdown as the simulator to create the battle game for Pokemon. There is some way that you can do to play this game for having the entertainment for you. The First, you should click and open the official link of Pokemon Showdown, after that you may find the ‘play online’ button. After you click the ‘play online’ button you will direct to this game main server that will open the lobby part of the official website to play the game by online. After that, you can choose your name or id that you want to use as your identity for playing the game.

After you finish with your username that you want to use for playing this game, you should click the setup button and choose the avatar that you want to choose to play this battle game. There are many avatars that come from the trainer that come from the Pokemon series the 4 until 5 generation. After you choose the avatar, you can register your data that you can to input. That’s all some information about how to play the Pokemon Showdown for you. Thank you and happy trying.

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