How to Make Healthy Snacks


Hungry and lazy are two words that cannot be combined well but usually come into our life. You feel hungry but there is no more energy to make some foods. Otherwise, you are hungry but lazy to cook. In that situation, you need food which is easy and fast to make. Although you are in hurry, no energy, or even lazy, make sure that you get great supply. Take healthier food as much as you can even in the worst situation. Just take some healthy snacks, then your life will be saved for some minutes more.

Easy and Fast Healthy Snacks

Actually, you can make whatever that you can do. Just open your refrigerator, then mix whatever on it. However, make sure all the things in your refrigerator are healthy foods.

  • Pinkish Yogurt Frozen Berry

If you feel so hungry and there are only yogurt and some fruits, so you can try to make a pinkish yogurt frozen berry to save your life. Mix about 250 grams of frozen berries, 250 grams of yogurt, and about 1 tablespoon of honey. Then, blend it in a food processor for 20 seconds until it becomes a smooth ice cream. Just serve it with other additional toppings like strawberry or watermelon. Ready to serve!

  • Chive Bagel and Salmon on Top

If you want to eat something about fish but too lazy to grill or even fry it, so you can try to make a chive bagel and salmon on top. You can start to add 2 tablespoons of sliced chives, black pepper, 200 grams of soft cheese, ½ lemon juice, and 100 grams of cooked salmon into a bowl. Mash them well with a fork. After that, toast some bagel then spread the mashed salmon on the top of it. Then, it’s ready to eat!

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