How to Make Drinking Alcohol Healthy


When you read the headline, you may get all excited because now you can drink alcohol without feeling guilty of its bad effect on your health. Well, it is sort like that but it is not as wild as you may think of. Many people wonder how they can drink alcohol and still get in shape or still healthy. It is surely something possible, as long as you know the way to do so.

What is Alcohol?

The first thing before we move on to learn the way to make drinking alcohol not as bad as before, we must learn more about what alcohol is first. Actually, there are two main types of alcohol: the one you drink like ethanol or ethyl alcohol and the one you do not drink like isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol offers high carbohydrates and also a source of protein as well. What makes it worse is essentially when it enters our bloodstream and our liver cannot handle it when it is too much.

The Bad of Alcohol for Your Health

Okay, you may just want to know about the way it is able to make you healthy even though you drink alcohol. But, it is also important for us to remind you that alcohol delivers this following bad news for you.

  • It makes you dehydrated.
  • It makes you gain weight.
  • It leads you to various health problems.

The Good of Alcohol for Your Health

Now, it is a good news for every one of you who love to drink alcohol. Actually, it is possible for you to get the benefit of alcohol when you drink it moderately. Remember, it is healthy for you when you drink it moderately. At this point, you can drink something like wine, spirit, beer or any other alcoholic beverage for one or two glass in a week only.

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