Live Healthy without Spending Much Money


Health tipsWell, your health is your investment and you need to keep it in order to make yourself at least survive now until the future. It is not that hard to keep your life healthy. The thing that you need to do is by having a healthy lifestyle and you also start to leave that negative habits. It is not good to be not healthy so that you need to have that healthy body and also mind. There will be several things that you might do if you want to reach that healthy life. Well, there will be explained then.

Drink More Mineral Water

To keep your body healthy then the thing you need to do is you should drink more mineral water. You know that there are many people have less mineral water in a day. This can cause bad impacts of course because mineral water is really important for your health. Every activity that you do will make you emit much water every day from urine, and then sweat, and much more so that you need to fulfill the need of mineral water daily.  The study also reveals that the amount of water you will need also will depend on several factors.

The factors will be weather and climate, and then your physical activities, weight, but generally you will need mineral water 2.7 until 3.7 liters per day or you need to drink 8 glasses of mineral water. There will be signs too if you drink less mineral water. The signs will be first your urine color change, and then dry lips, your mouth’s dry too and you have less pee. If you find those signs, then soon you need to repair your habit and start to drink more mineral water. Well, you know that mineral water will not cost you much money. It is the cheapest way if you want to be healthy.

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