Lifespan Of A Chicken; Average Age


Lifespan Of A ChickenYou should understand the lifespan of a chicken if you want to learn more about the animal, especially chicken.  Chicken might not be the same with dog or cats that can be your friends. When you raise chickens in your home, or perhaps on your farm, you can get the feedback from them, which are the eggs. Different with dogs and cats, the lifespan of chickens is quite shorter and it will be a very precious period of their life. Do you want to know more about the chickens? Then, what you should do in their short lifespan period? Please, read the following paragraphs for more question.

Lifespan Of A Chicken; How Many Eggs Are Produced?

When we are talking about the lifespan of a chicken, which is not as long as another animal, at least we can get benefit from their short lifetime. The benefit is that we can get the eggs from them and we can choose whether to let the eggs grow or we can cook the eggs for our daily meals. Of course, it still is a good choice whatever is your choice. You might divide it in every time your chickens give the breed. You can divide with 1:1 ratio for the eggs that should be raised and the eggs for your daily consumption.

How many eggs that you can get in one breed? Actually, a different type of chicken will breed different amount of eggs. However, for the average, you can get 100-250 in a year. However, that would be depending on the species of the chicken. So, you have to know deeper about the chicks that you raise before you decide to raise many chicks on your farm. You also have to know the right method to raise the chicks, so that your chicken will live in the longest period of their lifespan. For more information, you can visit

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