Installed The Modded Apk Games


Game become one of the entertainment that much in demand by today’s society. Many types of games are created to be able to entertain its users, both games played online and offline. For some people, online games are very fun because they can feel the sensation directly in the game. However, for some, the rest feel that playing online game feels heavy, especially on the costs to be incurred. Online games certainly require an internet connection that makes the game can be played. You do not need to worry because now there are many games that have been modified by some modern people to produce a game that is much cooler. There are modded APK games made for android without root and some are made with the smaller size. It aims to satisfy the users of the game.

Steps To Install Modded Apk Games

When you will install modded APK games, then there are some steps you should do:

  1. Decompile

The first step to do is to extract the master file containing APK game that you have downloaded complete with tool and extract. You can then run setup.bat and run script.bit. You can copy the libgame. Co-file into the folder you want.

  1. Disassembly

The next step is to make changes to some functions of the libgame code. Before you change it, of course, you have to know the function of each libgame code. There are many articles you can find about the function of each code.

  1. Patching

You can then open the hex editor software and then enter the libgame file you have processed in the previous step into the hex editor. You can change the code as you wish. If you are sure, then you can save the project and do the next step.

  1. Recompile

In this last step, you will restore the file into the latest master games APK.

That’s the step you can do to install modded APK games on your android.

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