Identifying Baby German Cockroach


Identifying baby German cockroach is easy. Read this post carefully to know more about this annoying creature. If there are too many cockroaches in your home, it can damage furniture, wires, books, and also your clothing. It also means that your home is really dirty so the cockroaches enjoy habiting there.  If you want to get rid of them, you can start it by identifying cockroach eggs. If you see tiny roach home, it means that there is a possibility that a nest is in the walls or close to your home. If you know what cockroach egg looks like, it can help you to identify the nest. Once you know the location of its nest, you can get rid of it and its friends too.

Baby German Cockroach Eggs

Like other cockroaches, baby German cockroach eggs also have similar characteristics. A female cockroach can produce a single egg case called as oothecae. Single oothecae can have a huge number of cockroach eggs. Moreover, each egg is protected with a protein substance. The substance will become harder to protect the casing. Some female cockroaches will drop the egg case in the nest or other places. Meanwhile, others will carry those eggs with them until the eggs are ready to hatch.

Female German cockroach usually produces an ootheca which is brown in color. The German cockroach egg is between 6 and 9 mm in length. Unlike America female cockroach that deposits the eggs in a hidden place, female German cockroach will literally carry the eggs inside it until they are ready to hatch. Each ootheca from German cockroach can contain about 50 eggs. It takes more than 100 days for a German cockroach egg to hatch and grow into adult German cockroach. For your information, baby German cockroach can grow very quickly. You can check on to know how to get rid of them.

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