Homemade Tofu Street Taco Recipe


street taco recipeDo you love food? If you do then have you tried the food all around the world? Well, have you tried the food from Mexico? If you have not then here is the right place. You need to try a taco. Yes, the taco is Mexican food which has many fans. You should not go that far to Mexico if you want to try that food. Just try to make this street taco recipe. Street taco is famous as the best one. It has great taco so that many people love to buy it along the street in Mexico. Actually, it is very easy to make so that you need to try here.

How To Make Street Taco Recipe With Tofu

Well, this taco should be a snack that you can make at home. This is easy though to make a homemade taco that originally exists in Mexico. Usually Mexican will make this taco when they celebrate national day. It is like when the leisure day comes they will make a taco, and in that day, they will be grateful to God because they are healthy still and able to eat this taco. This is categorized as a snack, but this also can be said as a meal because it is enough to make you satisfied. If you want to try making a taco, then here is the right place for street taco recipe.

Then, how you can make this taco? In this time, you will be shared about street taco recipe using tofu.  It will be easy to do. First, you need to prepare tortilla and heat it up in the microwave for about three minutes. After that you need to prepare for two boards of tofu, cayenne, pepper, and cumin, also salsa. You need to mix mashed tofu and then the spices too. After that, you can spread the salsa on a tortilla which has been heating up. The last put that inside the tortilla, and microwave again for about a minute.

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