Healthy Food for Healthy Living


Everyone must eat food every day. Either a staple food or something else. There are some staple foods commonly consumed by people around the world. Indonesian people are accustomed to eating rice as a staple food. The eastern Indonesians prefer sago to serve as staple food. And people abroad usually consume wheat as staple food. Staple foods meet our daily carbohydrate needs. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body to sustain our activities every day. However, to obtain a healthy body we not only need carbohydrates only. We also need substances other than carbohydrates to obtain a healthy body.

Examples of Healthy Foods

Among healthy foods are foods that contain lots of protein and vitamins because these two substances are needed by the body to maintain the metabolic system.


Healthy foods that one is already very famous and has been consumed by everyone. because it’s a lot of protein content. Protein also is often said to be a bodybuilder substance so usually, people who are in the stage of the healer of the disease must be recommended to consume lots of milk.


Eggs are also an abundant source of protein. Eggs are very easy to get around us. Even almost every day we always eat eggs. Even eggs can be eaten in a variety of ways. There are people who like to eat eggs with fried or boiled. However, the most important of all is the protein content in the egg.


a vegetable is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. In every day, we are encouraged to consume fruits and vegetables. The nutrient content in the vegetables is very high. Therefore, it is a loss for people who do not like to consume vegetables


In addition to milk and fish, one source of high protein is cheese.

these are examples of foods that contain lots of proteins and vitamins. food – these foods seem to be our daily menu so that our nutritional intake will be balanced every day as long as we remain consistent to consume these foods

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