Foods For Increasing Breast Milk


One of the magical thing from the mother is breast milk which has much more nutrients than anything. As a nursing mother, you might also know that giving your baby breast milk is better than giving milk formula. However, some of you might face some problem in this phase like the low breast milk. Actually, there are so many ways on how to increase breast milk. In that situation, your baby will get enough nutrients.

Eat More Nutrients Food For Increasing Breast Milk Supply

There are so many ways on how to increase breast milk. One of the most effective ones is by watching on what you eat. What mother eat will be eaten by the baby too. So, you have to be more concern about it. You cannot take random food in your nursing phase. It will be dangerous for your baby’s health. So, what can be done for increasing more breast milk? You can start to control your supplies by consuming more foods that will help to enhance lactation and increase breast milk.

Which are foods good for breast milk? Here is some recommendation for you who want to increase more breast milk supply:

  • Oatmeal

Actually, you will find oatmeal as your breakfast. Besides, you can also take oatmeal to help increase breast milk. Oatmeal contains fiber which is good for digestion and control diabetes.


  • Juices & Water

If you want to increase your breast milk supply, so you have to take enough water and juices. It will help you to boost lactation and increase the volume of milk.


  • Spinach

Don’t forget to take many vegetables as the way how to increase breast milk, especially spinach. It contains folic acid, iron, and calcium. It becomes the supplement for your baby to be stronger and reduce diarrhea as well.

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