Effects Of Poor Nutrition In Children


Health lifeAs it is known that childhood is the time to growth so that a proper nutrition to support it is needed here. It means that children must get the best food in order that there is no problem in their growth. Nonetheless how about children with a poor nutrition? If course there are various bad effects that can happen. It starts from obesity to illness in children. Then to get a further information about it there is some explanation of the effects as in the following paragraphs.

  1. Obesity

For the first effect is children will face obesity. Here we can see that children who consume unhealthy food regularly like junk food and food with high sugar have a higher risk of getting obesity. Here this condition is very dangerous since it can cause other health problems.

  1. Mental health

Moreover, the problem of children mental health becomes the next effect that is caused by bad nutrition in children. Those who do not get a proper nutrition in the critical growth are more likely to suffer phycological disorder, for instance, is anxiety. Also, there is another mental disorder here like hyperactivity disorder.

  1. Influence their education

The next effect that is caused by the lack of nutrition in children will influence their education. Those who has improper food are likely to miss school day or be hard to focus on the teaching-learning process. Then the lack of energy at school also becomes common thing found here.

  1. Illness

Of course, children with a poor nutrition will get sick easier than others. The body which needs the best nutrition to build immunities cannot get the best food. As the resulting illness will be the common problem faced by children with a poor nutrition. To solve this problem, they have to eat proper food like healthy food with good nutrients.

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