Digital Textile Printing


fabric printingToday the application of digital printing technology in the fabric industry has undergone many significant developments. With the presence of digital printing machine, the process of making motifs on the textile will be easier and faster. Because the design files that have been stored in computer memory can be directly printed using digital printing machine, unlike conventional process. Although the time required for the production of the printing is relatively shorter, yet the quality of the result image and motif is maintained well. Digital textile printing technology as a whole has a number of advantages that are not owned by screen printing or roll printing systems.

What are the benefits of using Digital Textile Printing?

To create a motif with a digital machine in textile printing, the time required is fairly short, even can be completed in a matter of hours. You simply create the design with the computer and then immediately print it on the fabric. As for roll printing, the process is fairly long run even can take up to many days. Then, because it is made by using a digital machine, of course, the resulting display also looks nicer in high quality. Besides the color printing capabilities are also more varied. Moreover, by using this technology you can make the example of product in low cost before you get the agreement from the customer.

By using digital technology in textile printing, as a customer, for example, you can order a variety of complementary products of fashion needs in limited quantities. It is much different from conventional service, which some of the providers will usually set a minimum order to print a particular image or motif on fabric. Certainly, by using technology it can give support of business becoming more economical, yet can increase efficiently the income with faster production, as the purpose of technology in any aspects it to make all matters of work easier to do.

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