How To Create Printable Job Forms With Microsoft Word


Opening recruitment is not an easy job. There are a lot of things to do in preparation. You need to prepare some leaflet, form, and place for recruitment. One of the most important to do is a printable job employment forms. Recently, there are a lot of job platform where an employer can recruit employee through online recruitment. Moreover, you also can receive form applicant via email. It means that you do not need to print a form by yourself. You need to give them a soft file of form, then they can access, fill, and print out as next requirement.

Easy Steps To Create Printable Forms With Microsoft Word

Although you already know how to operate Word well, there is some difficulty to create printable job employment forms. For the first, you can set the developer tab by clicking File Then Options. After that, you will access the Word Options. You need to choose Customize Ribbon, then click Developer Tab. As result, the tab will appear.

There are a lot of option that can be chosen to make an employment form. If you want to add detail for your applicant information, so you can choose Plain Text Content Control which has icon “Aa”. Then, you can also add checklist box in the form by choosing Check Box Content Control which has an icon like a checklist box. You can also even add the date option which will appear automatically later. If you need additional details and designs, so you can choose the options on tools box as well.

If all the preparation is ready, so you can start to spread your recruitment information. You can start to spread the digital leaflet through some forums or even job platform. One of the recommended platforms is You can place the requirements that you need and wait for applicants.

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