Consume The Food To Health Tips


Health tipsHaving the healthy skin becomes the dream of almost all of the people in the world, especially for woman. Some of the women want their skin to look fresh and beautiful, and some of them also want to have the white and bright skin. Some of the people know that the skin becomes one of the body parts that is very important to look. Caring the skin becomes the necessity, especially for a woman. There are so many people who care their skin in the skin care, so there are many skin care that you can find easily.

Actually, you just not can be caring the skin at the skin care. You also can maintain and care your skin by yourself in your home. There are so many ways of caring your skin, and one of them comes from the food. You have to know what the food that is good for your skin. You have to control the food that you will consume. There are some foods that are good to maintain your skin. The first is strawberry, it contains the vitamin C which can increase that can release the collagen. And the function of collagen is to help the skin still stable and soft.

The second is tomato, if you consume the tomato that has the collagen every day, it will make your body is not trimmed. Tomato also has the lycopene that will protect the skin from the sunlight. The third is an egg. The egg has functions to make the skin look softer and moist. The egg contains the lutein substance and zeaxanthin substance that has a function to prevent the skin from the damage that is caused by the sunlight. The fourth is soy. The soy contains and rich of the aglycone that can make the skin is not trimmed.

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