Best Games Without Internet And Wifi Connection


Nowadays playing games already become one of the human habits and of course, since the era of Smartphone begun, lots of people use this device to play games and also communication as well. Mobile games are things that really good for you to kill time, especially when you feel so boring and have nothing to do at work or school or even when you wait for your girlfriend when they are shopping. No wifi needed games could be something that you will really like, because you can play the games without having any internet connection, and this is the best because you don’t need to worry about internet anymore when you play the game on your phone.

Games Without Internet Connection

As you know, there are lots of games that you can find on the android market require internet in order to play the game. But, of course, you also can find the good game that you can play without having internet connection as well. No wifi needed games will be the great company to kill your time, and here is some list of the game that you can play without having any internet or wifi connection.

  1. Angry birds
  2. Plants VS zombie
  3. Temple run
  4. Word search
  5. NOVA legacy
  6. Subway surfers
  7. Forsake the rake

Those are the seven mobile games name that you can play without having an internet connection and of course, the graphics and the gameplay it’s very good, very perfect for you to kill your time. No wifi needed games will be the perfect choices for mobile games that you can play when you feel so boring. You can pick which one of the games that you want to play and of course those games will entertain you and it will give you a very nice time as well.

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