Best Apps For Android


Android is the most popular operating system. There are many smartphone brands that used Android as their operating system. The system is capable to do anything. Not to mention that Android smartphone is cheaper than another operation system, if you want to download paid apps Android market free, you need to check what the best apps are for your Android.

Download Paid Apps Android Market Free

We will give the best site to download paid apps Android market free. But you need to check our list of best apps on Android.

  1. Google

Of course, Google should be included on this list. This is essential. As we know that Google is the best search engine on the planet. If you are curious about something, you can google it! This search engine will give you the best result. Even you can use the voice command on Google. Whenever you want to find some tips or maybe nearby restaurants, you can search it by having a conversation on your phone.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an upgrade version of the browser form your Android. The app is simple and easy. Google Chrome will sync bookmarks and history from your device. It also has great features such as unlimited bar, search bar, incognito bar, etc.

  1. Facebook

The most popular social media is definitely Facebook. Of course, we will allow you to update your daily life on Facebook. You have to download this app. As we know that everyone has Facebook account. There are also many social media which connect to this Facebook. Even some educational sites also require you to log in to your Facebook first before you access the site.

Google, Google Chrome, and Facebook are top-3 apps that you should download and install on your Android. If you want to download paid apps for Android market free, you can download all of them on

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