The benefit of Sleeping in Dark Room.


Health careDo you sleep in a dark room? A lot of people sleep with the lights on. And if you are one of them, then I’ll suggest you change that habit. Sleeping in a dark room is absolutely a benefit for us! Maybe when people suggest you to turn off your light you’ll have a couple reason not to. But I’m here to tell you, that there are more reasons why you should turn it off.The benefit of sleeping in a dark room will actually surprise you. It can help us produce a hormone called melatonin. Maybe you have never heard about this hormone before, but this hormone has a lot of function. It can help us prevent overweight, to keep our immune system, and even kills the cancer cell.Unfortunately, melatonin will not be produced if you are not sleeping in a dark room. The production of melatonin will stop even with a little light. Even when you turn on the light in the bathroom or when you are passing the street with lamps. The production will be stopped. That is why it is important to sleep in a dark room. Especially for children, sleeping is a bright room will increase the chance of leukemia.And another benefit of sleeping in a dark room is that you will have a better sleep quality. With better sleep quality, you will reduce the possibility of stress and you will your liver maximize its detoxification process.Besides sleeping in a bright room, you will better stay away from your electronic equipment before going to sleep. Because the blue light electronic equipment produce will decrease the production of melatonin hormone. And it will lead to a sleep disorder. You will not feel sleepy even though it is already 2 a.m. Why? Because Melatonin is also the hormone that makes us feels sleepy in the night.

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