Be Alarmed With These Hoax Health Information


It is no secret that we can find a lot of information on the internet right now. From information about your favorite artist until useful information related to health is now available on the internet. However, it is so sad that we may find hoax information as we surf the internet. Let’s read this following information to find out more about this notion.

Hoax Health Information You Must Watch Out

When it comes to health information, it is inevitable that there is a lot of hoax information that you can find on the internet. Here are some of the myths about health that you may find on the internet.

  1. Eating chocolate and instant noodle is dangerous

If you have ever heard about this kind of information, you must never believe it because there is no scientific proof that is able to prove eating both chocolate and instant noodle can trigger certain kind of diseases.

  1. Drinking cold water after eating can trigger cancer

Well, it is another health massage which does not have any scientific proof. There is no proof that drinking cold water right after a meal can lead us to certain kind of cancer.

  1. Eating chicken wings and legs can trigger cancer

Once you hear about this one you may have thought that it does not make any sense. There is no proof of this massage as well, so you should not worry about this one.

  1. Pinch a needle to finger can be first aid for stroke

There is a golden period when someone falls for stroke. By doing this kind of activity, it may prevent patient to get professional treatment in their golden period.

That’s all some information that is considered a hoax which you can find on the internet. Make sure that you act smart when you read a certain article on the internet especially when it is about health.

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