5 Foods With Higher Protein


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A right amount of protein is highly essential for our healthy diet. It is no secret that our body needs protein so that our body can heal or recovery itself in a better way after working out and doing any other physical activity. When we are talking about protein, there is no doubt that egg becomes one of the foods that we will mention right away. We can easily cook egg into any meal when we like so that we can have that amount of protein needed by our body.

5 Foods Which Have Higher Protein Than Egg

On the other hand, have you known that there are some foods that actually offer higher protein than an egg? There are actually some of them, but we are going to talk about five of them only. First of all, there is chicken that becomes a great source of protein. It is versatile and also an affordable protein that you can easily find out there. It tastes great for many kinds of dishes as well. Second, there is also turkey which is popular for Thanksgiving. It may not as affordable as the previous food, but it can become an alternative for you who are tired of egg and chicken for boosting up your protein.

Next, there is pork which can be a good source of protein as well. If you love pork, you can definitely make it as one of the best foods to fulfill your protein need. You can have four ounces of pork to have 28 grams of protein. Then, we can also take tuna into account. It is always a good source of protein as well. You can add it to your sandwiches, sushi, and others. The last but not least, there is also tilapia which offers high protein, but low calories food for you to eat.

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