2018 Accord, A Honda Car Reviews


honda car reviewsOne powerful car brand in this century is Honda. Well, it is not like Honda has been gone for years. However, it is actually because Honda has made a great effort for making the best car in 2018. One of the cars of choice is 2018 accord. There are some Honda car reviews focusing on this car because there are so many good cars offered. Furthermore, the new Honda cars are equipped with features and luxuries that people have demanded since long time ago. Therefore, a big change in Honda car will be the best thing that you can consider.

Honda Car Reviews For 2018 Accord

There are some major changes for the new accord. However, the significant one is in the engine. The engine of 2018 accord actually has been reduced in terms of displacement. It is reduced from 2.4 to just 1.5. The effect is that the car becomes more efficient as suggested by Honda car reviews. Take one example of the maximum horsepower which can be attained at 5500 rpm. That is 900 rpm better than the previous accord which reaches 6400 before the maximum horsepower. Even better, the peak torque is rated at 1500 rpm instead of 2900. This is absolutely the key element that Honda introduces for the newest Accord.

It is also necessary to know about this car is definitely the metal work. The new accord is now built in more rigid structure. It is reported that it now features 29% more of high-strength steel. This, in effect, makes the car lighter. Thus, performance is improved a little bit. Even better, the handling, dynamic, and quietness are also enhanced. Thus, it actually gives a brand-new experience that you never have with the Honda accord. If you want to know more about the car and its budget, you can check it on http://besthondacars.com.

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