Nokia 8 Android Phone Specification


nokia 8 android phoneThe long waiting for a Nokia to have its first Android flagship has been ended. Through the Nokia 8 Android phone, Nokia fans who love to try their favorite phone to run Android will be able to get what they want. It seems like yesterday that Nokia becomes one of the most popular phone manufacturers and seem to try hard to survive among so many new phone manufacturers that offer the Android phone in various specifications. For those who just love to have another phone from Nokia right now, you must check out this following information.

Nokia 8 Android Phone Specification and Price

Well, it must be great to start from the body and appearance first. In some points, you may find it quite common compared with many other Android smartphones out there when we see the phone at the first glance. It has 5.7-inch screen display with 1440 x 2560 pixels of resolution. There is no doubt that Nokia 8 Android phone will provide you such high-quality output thanks to the resolution that is high for a 5.7-inch device. Moreover, it must be great to know what kind of camera that is applied to the phone as well since it is quite an important feature nowadays. For the camera, you can expect for both 24MP as well as the 12MP camera.

Additionally, the Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm will be the one which equips the processor slot for the Nokia 8. There is no doubt that the processor will provide reliable performance for you especially when we consider the RAM capacity which is 4GB. Then, you can also expect for high capacity of storage. In this case, there is 64GB storage available with additional slot for microSD. The last, the price of this new Nokia 8 Android phone is not officially released yet.

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Fruit Juices To Boost Your Health


Health lifeEveryone loves fruit juices. It is delicious, fresh and easy to make. More importantly, it is also packed with a high amount of vitamin and nutrients that our body needs. When it is tiresome to consume fruit in its original form, the juice is always a good choice to make ourselves consume more fruits without taking the original one. There are many fruits that you can make into juices. However, there are some of them which are suggested to have more health benefits for you. Let’s check it out!

Impressive Fruit Juices To Boost Your Health

Orange juice is one of the best choices for healthy fruit juice out there. When it becomes an easy fruit to find anywhere, orange is a blessing for everyone. It is fresh, delicious and healthy. More interestingly, orange is usually affordable. It is a good juice to prevent inflammation. Then, there is also lemonade. If you want to get a healthy juice option which is also good for dealing with kidney stones symptom, you can take this fruit juice into account. It will be a very great choice that is also healthy for your overall body. Next, you can also consider grape juice. This juice is good to enhance your brain function.

Moving on another fruit which is beneficial for our body, there is prune juice. When the fruit is frequently linked to helping digestion process, prune juice comes as another choice which will provide you the same benefit. It will be able to help you to ease the digestion process. Afterward, we should not forget pomegranate juice. As one of the most powerful foods to keep our body healthy, pomegranate juice will be a good choice for our daily beverage. It is rich in antioxidant which is able to battle with various diseases. That’s a few impressive fruit juices that can boost your health.

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What Is Android Nougat And Are The Features?


Android NougatAndroid is a great operating system which is usually embedded in small-powered computers such as a smartphone, smart watch, and many other electronics. Android has been around since 2008, and it has been developed since then. The first built has no codename, and it is followed by petit four, cupcake, donut, éclair, Froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. If you think that last mentioned version is the most updated one, you are not entirely correct. The reason is that there is August 2017 update, and they are android nougat and Oreo. If you are wondering about the feature, you should read more our article.

Android Nougat with Its Features

The nougat is an updated version, and many smartphones still cannot run this operating system anyway. However, the development is rapid since then. Android Oreo was even released in August 2017 which actually means more development for better user experience. There are some features of android nougat that you should note. First of all, it is all about user interface. One main difference is that the nougat has sheets for notification which is the upgraded version of the lollipop. Moreover, you also can enjoy the group notification from the single app. It is one of the great features for controlling notification display.

In addition to the user interface feature, you also can receive a great doze power saving system. It has three steps of battery saving system ranging from such as disabling network activity except for some applications listed. The second layer in android nougat is the full doze feature which allows deeper hibernation when the screen is off for certain period of time. Lastly, the next layer for saving your phone is a new data saver mode. It keeps your data usage lower since it prevents leakage from background activity that requires a network connection.

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Deals With Forex Brokers


Forex BrokersBefore you start to know about forex trading, you can teach the term forex brokers who are important to forex process. If you love to get the activity in trading, you are faced with thousands of million dollars related to the currencies that sometimes is lower and sometimes is higher. The broker as your helper in the currencies will try to make balancing money for you as the one who does the business and wants to make the profit between you as the trader and the market as the aim from the broker. Your account currencies now may be being lower than you are expecting but with the broker, the broker will give you the currencies that have even the little bit of profit currencies it still makes benefit for you.

Good Choices Of Forex Brokers

Without the forex brokers, you may get no response about your trade because the broker operates in between the trade and the market. If you are the one who does the business but you do not use the broker, it may make your business has the financial loss because surely you cannot hold the currencies for your trade well. However, if you choose to use the broker, not only hold your currencies, but the broker is also taking over the currencies so you can get help in making your business is bigger than before you use the broker.

To deals with the broker, you can choose one of the brokers that you think will work the best for you in making your industry is going smoothly without many thinks will make your trading is failed in the market. To get the forex brokers services, you can make an account in one of broker site and then you pay the first cost for the broker so the broker will fast work to sell or buy the currency in order to trade.

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Watch Movies Online Under Thriller Genre


Watch Movies OnlineWatching movie is really fun activity. You just cannot hold the temptation of following the story and also its excitement. However, it is essential to understand that watching movie online generally costs money. The reason is that you have to go to the cinema. Indeed, the price may not be expensive for some people. In fact, watching a movie in a cinema is affordable. However, you should know that watching a movie can be done through the website. It is possible to watch movies online without too much problem now. One good movie in 2017 that you should consider tells a story about the creation of Anabelle.

Watch Movies Online With Horror Genre

There is nothing that is more exciting than watching a horror movie. Horror movies are full of surprise and tension. They really make you feel exhausted, panicked and fooled. Despite that feeling, watching a horror movie is really worth your time. Though you may become a paranoid person, it really gives a color in your life. It also keeps you more aware of your surroundings, and it is definitely not a bad idea to watch a horror movie. If you do not have time to watch such great movie in the cinema, you should watch movies online instead.

It is fine if you watch the movies alone or with friends. However, when you watch horror movie such as Annabelle, you will realize how scary it is later. You may get into a point when you are too afraid to leave your desk or chair. That is a very common problem after you watch a horror movie. However, you should not be worried too much because they may not be real after all. If you want to watch movies online, you definitely need to visit a reliable website that can give you a stream of a good film. One of the examples is

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How To Download Game PSP PPSSPP?


Download Game PSP PPSSPPThe game player always knows how to Download Game PSP PPSSPP, but for you who don’t know more about that, find the true way to download the correct file that you should install to play the game on your device is not the simple and the easy way that you can do. So, what is the correct way that you can try to download this game on the internet? Let’s read this article until the finished part and you can know the step that you should do. So, what do you waiting for?

The Way To Download Game PSP PPSSPP

Are you want to get the different sensation when you play the game on your smartphone? If the answer is yes, you should continue reading this article before you download the file that you should choose and download. You should know the way that you should do to make the Download Game PSP PPSSPP process success. You should make sure that you know what type of file that you want to download this game PSP on your smartphone. There are two kinds of the format file that you can choose which one better for you. With known about the format file that you can download, you will direct to the correct file.

After you know the format file that you should download, you should start the download process with visiting the website that offers and provide the download link that you need. Although there are many pages that will appear when you type this word on your finding machine, you will find only 10% that provide the correct download link. After you find the correct pages, you just need to follow what is the page directed for you. Some page also will help you to find which one game that you want to Download Game PSP PPSSPP and play this game for you. Happy trying on your home!

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Avoid The Family From Unhealthy Behavior


Health careThe family is always used as the main priority of humans, then the safety and health of the family should always be given priority and attention. The family is the first place we socialize and also exchange ideas with each other. As people who already know that maintaining and protecting health is a duty, then we should be able to avoid our family from unhealthy behavior. Always pay attention to the activities performed every day. Especially for families who still have small family members, do not let them do something that can interfere with their health. As in food, children and adolescents prefer fast food and snacks that are freely traded regardless of food hygiene. It is an unhealthy habit. Because if we consume too much food that is not clean and there is a lot of dirt, then our health can be disrupted and our physicians can be weak and sick. Before that happens, then as a person who understands how to maintain health is to pay attention and give examples of proper behavior in maintaining health.

Checkup Family Health

Lots of people who do not pay attention and always ignore the doctor’s advice to always check up the health of every member of their family. Maintain health is necessary, then we must know how the health condition of our bodies whether okay or not. Although we do not feel sick, health checkups that need doing so we know what our body condition. Sometimes there is some risk of disease that does not give pain. Many diseases that first paralyze many body cells slowly, although the pain is not felt from the beginning but can cause tremendous pain after our body cells really can’t function.

These body cells that do not work make our body weak and also feel sick. Activities that exist in our bodies can’t run properly because the organs of the body work are inhibited and can’t function as usual. This is what because our body is weak, therefore the health check-up should always be done so that our health is always monitored.

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Samsung Galaxy Giveaway For You


samsung galaxy giveawayWho does not like a giveaway? Everyone will love giveaway because they can get a product without having to spend a dime. Just as Samsung Galaxy giveaway a number of review sites that review various gadget products today such as Samsung, and often they organize an event to deliver the product under certain conditions. This is of course also very useful for the purpose of a media campaign for the product before it is thrown into the market. Later people will review and provide testimonials to the product before it can be a measure for the maker. For those of you who are looking for the event, there are lots of sites that often run either locally, internationally, monthly or weekly

Where To Find Samsung Galaxy Giveaway

Usually, the Samsung Galaxy giveaway event is held in quiz form on some sites. Visitors are invited to follow the event with a number of mechanisms that are determined from how to join the process and deadlines for participation in it. For example, if you are interested in following this event, you should like Facebook account, follow twitter account from the organizer, and add Line official account. And you must complete every step given the opportunity to get the prize. So your chances, in this case, will get bigger. Usually, in a quiz like this will be determined on the theme to make it more interesting.

Usually, in a quiz like this will be determined on the theme to make it more interesting. Then the period of each opportunity is limited to be different from the others. Then each winner will be given a prize that matches the theme of the event. Later, for some information about this matter, you can find at to such a good thing. Besides, there you also search and read useful articles with the Samsung gadget. So what are you waiting for? Just go and visit the web.

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Need Ebooks? Try To Visit This!


ebooks libraryThere are many kinds of literacy source that you can find to support your paper, like the books, journal, and you also need the Electronic Books, or you can call it E-Books to support your papers. There are many types and page which offering the E-Books for you, but you should choose the correct one to get the best literacy and create the accountable paper. Where are you can get the believable E-Book? Don’t go anywhere to check the best place to get this! So, let check this out!

Try To Visit This Page To Get Ebooks

Electronics book or you also can type it as the E-Book come as the alternative way that you can choose for getting the information that you need to support your papers. There are two ways that you can do to find the correct E-Books that you want, the first, you can search for the public library or the library that exist on your campus or your school to get the information about that. In this public libraries around you, you can start with asking on the librarian where is the place that you can find the digital library or where you can find the E-Books that complete the collection on the library that you visit.

The next alternative way, you can start with open your computer and connect your computer to the internet. You can search the online library that will give you the alternative collection of E-Books that they have. You just need to find the page which offering your about that. After you find the correct website or page on the internet, you can search the detail information about the E-Books that you want to read in the online library. Are you confuse? You can try to click on to find the Electronics Books that you want. Thank you for staying on this article.

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Find Best Stools Bar For House


stools barDecorating your house is very important to keep your life comfortable. When you decorate your house, you want to express your personality in every inch of the rooms. Therefore, you will choose the materials which are different than the common design. There is something you can choose when you want to make your house to be more stylish. It is about how you make your house to look simple and attractive with stools bar. The stools are usually used in most bar, but why don’t you use them to decorate your house? They are simple and will bring comfort towards your room.

Stool Bar Designs For Dynamic Life

When you want to make your house look simpler and more modern, you can choose the bar stools for improving the look. In the kitchen, you can put the stools in front of the bar. Besides, you can also put the stools for the breakfast counter in the room. It will bring a simple life atmosphere in the room. You will also find it to be suitable for every house design. You will also find that the stools are simply chic. The stools will add much stylish nuance in your room. But, what are the designs for the stools bar in your room?

When you are looking for the best design for your house, you can choose the one which will suit the room design. Indeed, the stools are available in various style. You can find the stools with rustic look while the others can appear as the pop looking stools decorated with various colors. When looking for the best stools, you better choose the one which is sturdy and of course, comfortable for sitting.  There are also many materials for making the stools. If you want to find the latest trend of the stools, you can easily visit

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Interesting Design For Wedding Ring Diamond


wedding ring diamondThe wedding is the most sacred rituals for mankind, and it is a sign of love and devotion for both man and woman. Since the wedding is very important, you will think hard about it, from the wedding dress, wedding ring diamond, and much more. You need to know, that diamond wedding ring is considered to be the most important things, even it is more important than the wedding dress. You will only use the wedding dress for once in your wedding ceremony, but you are going to use the wedding ring forever, in your sweet fingers as your sign of love and devotion. For both man and woman, a wedding ring is the sign of their marriage and love, so it is very important to choose the best ring for your wedding.

Confused In Choosing The Best Wedding Ring Diamond?

If you are confused in choosing your best wedding ring diamond, let us give you simple tips so you can choose wisely, or even build your own diamond wedding ring. There are three important components for a diamond wedding ring, the diamond itself, the present, and the settings. You need to choose well between those three, and you should also consider your couple taste of art, and favorite. For the first components, diamond maybe is the center of the wedding ring, so you should pick carefully. There are many design and shape of diamonds, from round, oval, square, to even heart shaped. Round and square may be simple, but it is the most popular shape, and the cheapest too.

As for the preset, the preset can make your wedding ring looks far more beautiful and elegant in your couple finger. Try to find a preset that your couple like most. The simple round, circular, and two stone is the popular preset for wedding rings. If you want to see the more interesting design and info about diamond wedding rings, visit us in

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Healthy Snack


Health careWhen you are getting busy in doing your daily activities, it means you shouldn’t have much time to eat but your body needs more energy to keep your energy on. If it is your problem, the best solution you can take is you should eat a snack that will keep your energy on even if you are busy. However, you have to eat the healthy snack, not the snack with high sugar, cholesterol, or such snacks like that.

Healthy Snack For Adults

If you would like to know about what kind of healthy snack that will be great for an adult. You can read this article, so you can try to consume these healthy snacks that will full filling your nutrition needs in the right way. There are some healthy snacks for adults that you can consume to avoid any kind of diseases such as overweight, diabetes, and much more.

  • First, you can make your own ice cream in your home. Well, making the ice cream by your own self is healthier than the ice cream that sells in the store. You can use the healthy ingredients such as milk with low fat, fruits, nuts, and much more. You can create and mix the ingredients based on what you like.
  • Second, the natural peanut butter is the options for you. In this case, we talk about the natural peanut butter with no sugar or any kind of fats. You can consume this peanut butter with toast, whole-grain crackers and celery, bananas, and apples. They will give you healthy fats and protein needs.
  • Third, say “Cheese”. Cheese is one of the healthy snacks. You can eat cheese with a pair of carrot sticks or any kind of veggies or slices of apple or any kind of fruits that you like for having a snack on your snack time.

Snack is the best part of your leasure time; however, you need to be smart to choose which is the best snack for your health. Thus, that is all.

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Home Landscaping Ideas


Home LandscapingHaving the best home landscaping will make your home looks more homey and comfy to live. If you want to make the best landscaping in front of your house or in the backyard; you can see a lot of references on the internet. This article is one of the references you can read to get some ideas. Even though you will not get too many references here but I will tell you the link that will help you a lot. Let see the information in the following paragraphs.

Home Landscaping Ideas for You

You can see that garden will make your house looks fresh and comfy to live. You can find that many houses will look different and fresh with natural touch in their backyard or the front of the houses. You can find that many people will need the best landscaping for a home like you. The best home landscaping will make your yard looks fresh and your house as well. You will feel so comfy in your own house. You need your creativity to get the best landscaping now. If you want to follow other people ideas is also great as long as it looks good in your yard. However, if it is not fit with your yard or your budget; you better find other ideas.

Creativity will help people to get what they want especially the aesthetic of their own house. You can find any stylist or architect to your life if you have much money. However, if you want to save much money; you can just find your own ideas from your creativity to get your best ideas of landscaping. Well, you can find other references to get your creativity by visiting now. So, that is all the information and tips for you. I wish you like it. You may share this information with other people.

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