2 Best Everlasting DC Super Heroes’ Comics


Do you like superhero figure and like to read comics? There are a lot of superhero comics which are from different publishers. For the most popular one are DC and Marvel comics. You might already know that there are a lot of popular superheroes which are from both publishers. If you are bored to watch the movie, so you can start to get comics download and read all the comics in your spare time. So, what are the best recommendation comics from DC publisher?

The Best Recommendation Of DC Comics

If you want to get comics download, so you need to make a list to download first. It must be easier when you already have some titles in your mind. However, it will be a little bit confusing when you do not have any idea to find comics from download website. So, here is the best recommendation of DC comics that must be read in spare time:

  1. The Dark Knight Returns

If you like superhero characters, so you might ever hear about this kind of title. The Dark Knight Returns become one of the most interesting series of Bats character. It was published in 1986 and becomes one of the legend comics that must be read. This series has a great storyline which has great social criticism and also political commentary.


  1. All-Star Superman

Are you a big fan of Superman? So, you must read All Star Superman. This comic is not only telling how Superman as a man of steel fight against the enemies, but it is also telling how Superman lives to deal with his mortality. It is interesting to follow and get the good point.

From now on, you have to add these comics to your comics download list. Get both of them from the comics’ website.

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